When Vivek Kundra was appointed by President Obama to become to first Federal Government CIO of the USA, he soon was seen as the public enemy number one amongst his peers in government. He was responsible for an IT budget of $80B. Kundra introduced a dashboard for IT projects making IT spend transparent and accountable. This dashboard allowed the USA government to lower the costs with $3B. In his new role as Executive Vice President of he made a visit to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he met with Frits Bussemaker, Partner at CIONET, and local media partner Executive People to share is experience as the first CIO of the White House.

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Vivek Kundra



Bitkom, Trendkongress, Partner, CIONET, Deutschland, Berlin

Am 25. November 2014 findet in Berlin der dritte BITKOM Trendkongress statt. CIONET ist erstmals als Sessionpartner zum Thema “IT meets Industry” dabei.

Digitale Trends und disruptive Technologien stehen im Mittelpunkt des dritten BITKOM Trendkongress am 25. November 2014 in Berlin. Der Trendkongress schlägt eine Brücke zwischen Global Playern, Start-ups und Vertretern aus Politik und Wissenschaft.

Ein Schwerpunkt, der perfekt zu CIONET in Deutschland passt, denn auch hier ist der “Brückenbau” ein großes Thema. Unter dem Motto “Zugang | Perspektive | Erfahrung” verfolgt unser Netzwerk für deutsche CIOs und IT Entscheider drei Ziele:

  • Deutschland trifft Europa (und die Welt)
    • Der internationale Austausch ergibt sich schon fast zwangsläufig durch die gemeinsame Plattform für über 4.500 CIOs und IT-Entscheider aus 13 Ländern. Realer, grenzüberschreitender Austausch findet zum Beispiel bei der alljährlichen Konferenz CIO CITY in Brüssel statt, bei der auch die European CIOs of the Year gewählt werden. Neue Mitglieder aus Lateinamerika und die Zusammenarbeit mit der chinesischen CIO Union eröffnen für Mitglieder der CIONET Community zusätzlich neue Perspektiven über die Grenzen Europas hinaus.
  • Praxis trifft Wissenschaft
    • Professoren und Dozenten aus Universitäten, Hochschulen und Business Schools, die sich mit IT Management Themen befassen, sind ein wichtiger Teil der CIONET Gemeinschaft. Die Möglichkeit zum Austausch zwischen CIOs und Wissenschaftlern ist Teil unserer Philosophie und erzeugt für beide Seiten neue Impulse und Ansätze für die tägliche Arbeit. Mit dem jährlichen European Research Paper Award zeichnen wir führende europäische Wissenschaftler für die Praxistauglichkeit Ihrer Studien aus.
  • Erfahrung trifft Neugier
    • CIONET in Deutschland fördert den Austausch zwischen erfahrenen IT Führungskräften und dem Nachwuchs. Die deutsche CIONET Initiative #sharepassion4IT ist Teil der großen Koalition für ITK Jobs der europäischen Kommission. Unsere Mitglieder teilen Ihre Leidenschaft für die IT mit jungen Erwachsenen.

Welche Kongress-Session könnte also besser für eine Kooperation passen, als “IT trifft Industrie”, 11:00 Uhr bis 11:50 Uhr, Blue Stage. Ein Thema, dem sich CIONET in Deutschland mit dem Aufbau der Special Interest Group “Industrie 4.0” sowieso verschrieben hat. Für 2015 sind bereits Veranstaltungen zu diesem wichtigen und spannenden Thema in der Planung.

Wenn Sie Fragen zu CIONET haben, an einer Mitgliedschaft oder Kooperation interessiert sind, dann nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit zu einem persönlichen Gespräch mit Tobias Frydman, dem Gründer von CIONET in Deutschland. Wir freuen uns insbesondere auch auf Kontakte mit Vertretern deutscher Start-ups, die den Dialog mit CIOs suchen.

Einen Gesprächstermin können Sie über die Trendkongress Networking App oder per E-Mail ( vereinbaren.



Geburtstag, 3 Jahre, CIONET, Deutschland, CIOs


CIONET attends the Worlds Digital Leadership Networking Extravaganza


What do you get when a couple of young – angry – entrepreneurial Irish minds believe they can launch another symposium on tech innovation? The fastest growing event in Europe! November 4 to November 7 Dublin hosted 20.000 attendees from across the globe for – just - the 4th edition of the Websummit.

The Davos for Geeks

How best to describe the Websummit? Forbes calls it “The new hot ticket on the tech conference scene”. It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”. But for sure it‘s different. And that difference works for the attendees, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the most exciting startups in the world. The speakers may be world class, but the networking is “simply legendary”.

The giants of the web assembled in Dublin as well over 2,000 startups (!) as exhibitors. 500 speakers in just 3 days. CEOs of the worlds most innovate companies, the wannabe & will be CEOs of tomorrow and a 9 year old ‘EU Digital girl of the year’. Oh, and of course: the King of the Irish Republic: U2′s Bono.

Tomorrow’s opportunities

The Websummit is not about today’s problems, it’s about tomorrow’s opportunities. And that’s why Enterprise Ireland contacted Johan de Wit (Associated Partner CIONET and Former CIO) to select a group of 20 digital leaders from Belgium and The Netherlands to experience the Websummit. A blended group of Enterprise CIOs, Digital Entrepreneurs and Online Strategists benefited from Access All Areas as VIP guests.

To make it even more overwhelming: the Websummit is actually not one Summit. It covers multiple areas or angles of the Digital Industry: about the Internet of Things at the Machine Summit, or the future of Entertainment at the Music Summit. Let’s not forget the Sports Summit, the Marketing Summit, the Builders Summit, the Food Summit and – finally a place to touch solid ground for us - the Enterprise Summit. For the first time this year, but glad we could join in to round table discussions on topics like: Cloud, Big Data and The Internet of Things.


Digital Immigrants explore the world of Digital Natives: CIONET & Assembl3D group.

The Websummit was somewhat a – digital - lifetime experience for many of us. Dublin’s Websummit has acclaimed full rights to become the digital lighthouse for CIOs and CIONET members in the years to come!

The Dublin Experience

The Websummit 2015 was a great event and many thanks to Mick, Paul and Jeroen. For me personally, this event helps me to understand what the future will bring and how far developments already are. This is truly unlike any other event that I visited before. Also, the drive, enthusiasm and sheer high numbers of people promoting their ideas and products was impressive.

Axel van Lamsweerde, Hoofd Informatisering, Autoriteit Financiële Markten

The content during most of the session of the Websummit was not bad at all, but the real value was in meeting numerous interesting people. I thank you for that opportunity!

Hans Wanders, CIO Randstad Holding nv

I would also like to thank you for a great event! At first I rated the content at the summit somewhat low, but later I realized I have met many more great people than usual, and I experienced an energy I never saw before. This has more value than I expected, so thanks for this experience!

Wouter Schmitz, Head of Architecture, ABN Amro Bank

This conference will be a new regular visit for ANWB management!

Teun van der Vorm, CIO ANWB

The amount of startups was overwhelming; I found it extremely difficult to choose between potentials and potential failures. I am glad I am not an investor in these things. Disruption! I found that most initiatives are out of the normal comfort zone of what we know as IT.

My most remarkable experience: the CoderDojo with the 9-year-old Lauren (EU Digital girl of the year) who is helping other kids with learning to code as she remarked: “the technology changes so rapidly”.  And another Digital Native: young Eric Lassard who has setup the Adacadabra Creative School and is motivational speaker as well: Digital Leaders are being born in Ireland!

Johan de Wit, Former CIO ING Bank & SWETS

As a regular visitor of innovation and tech events (usually not of this magnitude however) I found the content and information somewhat shallow. Relying on sheer luck to find the bits that triggered and inspired me most was thus the way to go.

However, whilst going around in “lucky-shot-mode”, I found a lot of time to reflect on my current project and the ambitions I have for that matter.

Most disruptive by far was young Eric Lassard. The other one that really triggered me was the concept by Branto that I will incorporate in my Business Concept. It’s no Rocketscience however, it’s fairly simple.

Thanks so much to Paul, Jeroen and Mick but that rest as well for all the good fun and inspiration.

 Bob Kronenburg, Alliander Strategy Department




cyber resilienceOn November 5th CIONET signed the Principles and Guidelines of Cyber Resilience in Rotterdam. The principles are an initiative of the World Economic Forum and were signed by over hundred companies and institutions worldwide already.

Signing these principles is a first step in creating awareness for a safe and resilient online world. Parties that sign these principles become part of the ‘Partnering for Cyber Resilience’ (PCR) network.

In his speech Hendrik Deckers, founder of CIONET, stressed the important role the 4500 members of CIONET are playing in realising this: “Our members are accountable for a safe digital world. They realise this by sharing knowledge and best practices through CIONET, but we now go a step further. By signing the PCR we are creating awareness, disseminate valuable information and provide access to the WEF’s network of members. By connecting our two communities, CIONET and WEF will jointly create a safer digital world.”

Click here to read more about the WEF’s Partnering for Cyber Resilience.

And keep following us for more information about this initiative !


intl 3Including multiple video’s and other benefits, the magazine on the CIONET+ app is guaranteed to bring you an insightful reading experience… Download it now!

The latest CIONET magazine covers the vital issue for each business nowadays. How to transform your business into a digital leader, and how can CIO’s contribute to this transformation?

With examples from our European CIO of the Year winners (Federico Florez, Jeroen Tas, and Nuno Miller), as well as multiple other examples and opinions from leading experts, this magazine is guaranteed to bring you fresh insights and ideas about the topic.

As Hendrik Deckers, founder of CIONET, explains in his foreword: “For decades CIOs have been striving for fully stable systems, but now we have entered the era of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In this VUCA world the focus is not on technology but on understanding how to use technology for value creation and digital transformation”.

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In the run up to the Digital Transformation Roundtable that will take place on 13 November in Luxembourg, ITNation asked Wayne Peacock, IBM Executive Managing Partner, European Front Office Digital Leader Financial Services, to share his insights on interacting customer experience and what does it take for the banking and insurance sector to lead a successful Front Office Transformation.


  • On the base of your 17-year long experience in customer-centered Digital Delivery, what are the pillars of a forward-looking FOT?

The first and most important one is to think outside-in, think customer first, think across the multichannel. Many of the financial services organisations are very much inside-out driven, very much from a product-based and thinking in individual silo’s – that’s why putting your self in your customers shoes and using rich analytics is a crucial step to really understand your customers.

The second pillar is to create an organisation structure that allows you to become far more agile and responsive to the change in a structural manner. And the third pillar is entreprise mobility: consumers of financial services already have got an expectation of the sort of digital experience that they can get from their bank. While there is a significant amount of investments and change at stake, it is crucial for an organisation to enable their employees to become far more empowered, far more mobile, and far more transformational in terms of their conversations with their customers.

  • Every digital transformation is different, however, are there business aspects to which banks and insurance should pay close attention to when implementing their FOT strategy?

Obviously, the world of digital has become far more complicated than in 2008, back then it was only the Internet. The biggest problem facing all banks is that it has become much more complex. Multiple executives across all lines of business, all wanting to deliver Internet, Mobile, Tablet, Social and Multi-channel experiences. Therefore, how do you prioritise between the continued extention of Retail and driving new business models in the other lines of business?
The general insurance market, on the other hand, is waiting for everybody to make a move. Very many insurance organisations haven’t invested very significantly, only now are we starting to see some digital investments

  • In Luxembourg, how far are we in implementing FOT?

The Benelux region is in the same boat as everybody else in Europe. Organisations in mature markets will have adopted Internet and Mobile technologies early, they are also likely to have different platforms in their branch and call centres too! Multiple silo’s with high-cost delivery and low-speed of innovation. Emerging markets on the other hand have the advantage to adopt proven multi-channel architectures, allowing them to scale and rapidly deploy these capabilities, maximising reuse and sharing common capabilities across all lines of business and channels.

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WEF coverimage-wr044On November 6th the third Grand Conference will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The aim of The Grand Conference is to make the critical infrastructure leadership and their eco-systems aware of the importance of the cyber resilience for their businesses and for society as a whole. Cyber resilience is a precondition for the digital transformation of our society. This year’s theme will be ‘An Executive Dialogue on Cyber Risk’. The Grand Conference 2014 will form an interactive platform for countries and organizations willing to share good practices and contribute to a resilient digital society.

On the evening before the Grand Conference at a networking reception hosted by the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, a number of organizations are invited to sign the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Cyber Resilience (PCR). CIONET has been asked to sign and will be represented by Managing Director and Founder, Hendrik Deckers. Signing the PCR facilitates leading by doing and offers the opportunity to show executive leadership. CIONET is committed to support  and promote the PCR as CIONET members are often in a leadership position responsible for the Cyber resilience of their organization. By signing the Principles we create an entry point to working with the World Economic Forum’s network of members, improving global cyber resilience, fully in line with CIONET’s objective to share knowledge and best practice relevant to our members. Is your organization Cyber resilient? Please refer to the WEF document ‘Risk and Responsibility in a Hyperconnected World. Pathways to Global Cyber Resilience’ to assess how you can support your organization. Members who wish to attend the networking reception, please contact Frits Bussemaker, Partner CIONET.


Nous avons le plaisir de vous convier au Congrès Annuel CIONET France, sur le thème des nouveaux rôles de l’IT.
Rejoignez-nous le Mercredi 3 Décembre dès 9h, pour cette journée exceptionnelle.

  • Comment caractériser la révolution numérique?
  • Innover oui, mais comment créer de la valeur?
  • Quels nouveaux profils pour vos collaborateurs?
  • Comment passer à un modèle agile?
Avec les contributions de Philippe Moati, Deloitte, Sylvain Loubradou, Jean-Pierre Scandella et plusieurs startups particulièrement innovantes.


Journée exceptionnelle animée par Philippe Moati.

9:00 Remise des badges et accueil petit-déjeuner

9:30 Introduction – François – Philippe Poirson

10:00 Philippe Moati: Docteur en  sciences économiques de l’Université de Paris 1, membre de la Commission des comptes commerciaux de la nation. Il a co-présidé le groupe de travail installé par Christine Lagarde, Ministre de l’Économie, en 2008 dont les conclusions ont inspiré la réforme du régime des mécanismes de réduction de prix contenue dans la loi de modernisation de l’économie. Depuis 2012, il est personnalité associée au Conseil Économique, Social et Environnemental.   –> La nouvelle révolution commerciale. « Le modèle de consommation est en mutation et, dans son sillage le modèle économique des entreprises » – Quelles conséquences pour la DSI, son organisation, ses collaborateurs et son fonctionnement.

11:00 Co-création, co-production avec start-ups et universitaires.

11:30 Pause café, viennoiseries. Networking
12:00 Marketing de la DSI ( tbc )
12:30 Sponsors: 10 minutes pour présenter leur vision des nouveaux profils de 2017
13:10 Cocktail déjeunatoire. Networking et visite des stands
14:15 Tables rondes: impact de la transformation digitale sur les compétences de vos équipes et vos nouveaux rôles

15:15  Sylvain LoubradouLogisticien pendant 15 ans en Allemagne, Espagne et France, puis directeur informatique dans les sociétés de VPC puis e-commerce, il a eu l’opportunité de vivre et expérimenter les méthodes collaboratives, d’abord Lean puis Agile et Lean Startup. –> Comment passer à un modèle agile 

15:45 Jean-Pierre Scandella:Il est un des fondateurs et gérant du cabinet ARROWMAN Executive Search en France. Il est responsable de la Practice IT – Télécoms du cabinet et de la Practice Agro-alimentaire. Précédemment, il a occupé des fonctions de management au sein de grands cabinets anglo-saxons et français.Depuis plus de 15 ans, Jean-Pierre SCANDELLA est intervenu dans le recrutement de dirigeants et de cadres dirigeants pour le compte de professionnels du domaine des IT – Télécoms (éditeurs, constructeurs, opérateurs), de sociétés utilisatrices et de sociétés agro-alimentaires en Europe.  –> Impact de la transformation digitale sur les compétences – Rendu des tables rondes de a matinée

16:15 Deloitte: le DSI capital-risqueur de l’Entreprise
16:45 Conclusions
L’agenda est en cours de finalisation, le nom des start-ups et d’intervenants présents sera mis à jour prochainement.

Si vous n’êtes pas encore membre CIONET, contactez

Un lieu d’exception vous est réservé pour cette journée unique :
Musée de la chasse et de la Nature – Hôtel de Guénégaud
62 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris.

Le nombre de place pour cet événement est limité. Réservez votre place dès maintenant.


HROct14 small

O papel dos recursos humanos é fundamental no sector das tecnologias e o elemento “brain” é o principal condutor da evolução e dos resultados. 

The HR of IT é um evento focado nas equipas de Tecnologias de Informação que decorre na NOVA School of Business and Economics, em Lisboa, no dia 29 de outubro.

O uso generalizado das tecnologias digitais, a mudança para o social business, a necessidade de novos conhecimentos e as competências necessárias para inovação de processos e produtos fazem com que as empresas estejam cientes da importância de ter uma forte equipa de TI. Alinhado com esta mudança de mind set, o papel do CIO está a desenvolver-se mais no sentido de líder de pessoas e negócio que de gestor de TIs, obrigando a competências distintas e percursos de carreira diferentes. O evento procura dar resposta a questões concretas de Como manter as competências atualizadas numa área com um enorme ritmo de mudança?”;  “Quanto tempo entre “Expert” e “Ultrapassado”?”; “Qual o percurso de carreira que melhor dota o CIO?”; “Como atrair os melhores talentos para a sua empresa?“, ou “Quais as razão de os colaboradores mais valorizados saírem das suas organizações?”.

Oradores convidados:

David Correia - LinkedIn

David Correia – LinkedIn

David Correia, Enterprise Relationship Manager no LinkedIn

Profissional Sénior com mais de 16 anos de experiência em empresas multinacionais, implementando soluções em áreas como Social Media, Cloud Services, SaaS, Software e IT Services principalmente em Portugal e Espanha.
Com larga experiência em recrutamento, liderança e coaching de vendas, pré-vendas e consultoria de recursos.
O recrutamento através de redes socias tem vindo a aumentar consideravelmente nos últimos anos e o LinkedIn é a principal ferramenta utilizada. A rede veio alterar a forma como as empresas chegam aos recursos.

Isabel Reis - EMC

Isabel Reis – EMC

Isabel Reis, Country Manager da EMC Portugal

Na EMC Portugal desde 2000, Isabel Reis assumiu a liderança da empresa, enquanto diretora-geral, em janeiro de 2009, tendo antes desempenhado o cargo de Channel & Commercial Sales Manager. Licenciada em Marketing pelo INEPI e com uma pós-graduação em Marketing pela Universidade Católica, iniciou a sua carreira como Marketing Communications Specialist na Oracle Portugal, passando depois pela Software AG Portugal, como diretora de Marketing e Parceiros.
Isabel Reis tem larga experiência e sucesso reconhecido em várias distinções como gestora de equipas. “O país precisa de pessoas e ideias inovadoras e arrojadas, que criem novas oportunidades, contribuam para a notoriedade do país e gerem emprego”.


17h00 Acreditação & Networking
17h30 Abertura
17h40 Debate
xxxxxxxxDavid Correia, Enterprise Relationship Manager no LinkedIn
xxxxxxxxIsabel Reis, Country Manager da EMC Portugal
xxxxxxxx(Último orador a confirmar em breve)
19h00 Sessão de Q&A
19h45 Conclusão


Contamos consigo! Inscreva-se já em ou contacte Até breve!



“I don’t see the difference between my bank and all the others.”

71% would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks are saying!

The financial industry cannot remain indifferent to these numbers and should question value chain, business models, products, etc. to align them with the needs of the customers.

Check out this incredible study conducted during 3 years with more than 10.000 respondents. Click here!

Banking 2

The financial industry cannot remain indifferent to these numbers and should question value chain, business models, products, etc. to align them with the needs of the customers.

“Adapt or die” is one of the basic survival rules. Darwin called it Natural Selection, now we call it Digital Era, but in both cases evolutionary changes in the individual give him an extra survival probability.

The Digital Era, in which the Internet is an inescapable reality, has been the cause of significant disruptions in a number of industries. Banking is no exception. Millennials prove daily to be ready to give up the stability and security of the traditional sector for availability, speed and simplicity.

If banking is able to adapt, it will certainly be an indispensable partner for the Millennials generations. But if instead it chooses an “ostrich policy” banking will be at serious risk of losing most of its value.


Check out some pictures of Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs Summit. Thank you all for your participation. We are expecting you on our next initiatives!


CIO CITY 2013 pictures