The Informatics Profession in Europe: An Overview

The Informatics Profession in Europe: An Overview

Prof Dirk Deschoolmeester of Vlerick pointed us to this interesting study on IT Professionalism.

This 10th anniversary issue of UPGRADE begins with an editorial by the President of CEPIS, Prof. Vasile Baltac, who explains CEPIS’ vision for IT Professionalism and the most important activities in this field. Under the title “The Informatics Profession in Europe: An Overview”, this issue covers different aspects of the Informatics profession in Europe, its current status from a number of perspectives and how its development and professionalisation can derive benefits for individuals as well as society.This issue’s monograph has been guest edited by experienced IT professionals from the Irish and Spanish CEPIS Member Societies ICS and ATI namely, Declan Brady, Rafael Fernández Calvo and Luis Fernández-Sanz. Download

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