Qualifying IT leaders welcome to join CIOnet

Join us!

Are you an ambitious IT leader? Interested in joining CIOnet, the fast growing CIOnet community? Then fill in this form and we’ll get back to you soon.

CIOnet membership is free for IT leaders that fit one of these profiles:
– CIO of a large organisation (+200 IT staff *)
– IT manager reporting to the CIO of a large organisation (+200 IT staff *)
– IT director of a midsize organisation (20 to 200 IT staff *)
– Academic active in the IT (Management) field

Vendors interested in becoming a CIOnet Business Partner can use the same form or directly contact the CIOnet teams in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, UK or The Netherlands.

Please note that we are only accepting members from BE, FR, IT, ES, UK and NL, as these are the countries where we are active today.

We are looking forward to welcoming you online soon!

Cheers, Hendrik.

PS: This blog is only in English, but the online CIOnet community is available in 5 languages and local events happen in the local languages.
(*): or equivalent IT budget.

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