The 300

CIOnet Spain has reached 300 members. What a nice round number. To have reached it barely in two years makes us very, very proud. And while hitting this milestone gives us a warm feeling of a job well done we must not forget to continue to work in making CIOnet be so much more than just a number, no matter how large, or nice, or round.

We strive to achieve our objectives, increasing CIO visibility and not just helping place TIC as keys to innovation but also aiming to change our economic model and obtaining a greater degree of influence in the public sector and society at large. Each and every one of our 300 members plays a part in this, by building relationships both online and offline, sharing their experiences, knowledge and stories in an ever growing network. Each new member brings also his or her unique point of view and own personal take in the matters that affect and interest us all, making every meeting, networking activity or event a new and enriching experience.

If you meet our admission criteria and would like to join contact us at CIOnet Spain.

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