IT: creating business, and proving it.

Event program

How can IT create business? No doubt, one of the possible answers is their ability to provide relevant information to help making strategic, tactical and operational decisions. In today’s world, the speed with which such decisions can be made is of the essence.

A new technology is revolutionizing the way ITC can provide Business Intelligence: ‘In-memory computing’. This technology allows real time access to information (not delayed, as it happened until now). It can provide huge benefits and besides, this technology can be implemented seamlessly and without impacting the performance of current systems.

An expert in this field, Juan Carlos Carracedo, from SEIDOR, will give an introductory talk about this new way of processing information. At first sight it might seen as too technical, but the focus will be on how this will add value to business, and besides we will have an advance view of what surely will be one of the trends that will set the pace in our sector in the near future. It will surely will be enlightening and the sharing of experiences and insights will surely be enriching for all participants.

Also attending will be Olof Sandstrom, from, the well-known IT firm; while it is often seen just as a IT service provider, Olof will talk about the inner workings, its singularities and how it impacts its own company business.

Last, Jorge Lang, from Intel will talk about a survey that his firm does annually and that allows them to know how can IT prove the value it actually adds to business. We are sure that it will be of great interest to all, more so in these times when budget slashing makes it critical to provide tangible results so our projects can continue.

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