New Media Partner for CIOnet Spain

We are happy to announce that CIOnet has reached an agreement with ReadWriteWeb en Español. CIOnet and the Spanish Language site of ReadWriteWeb will be Network Partners, and they will provide our members with whatever content might be of relevance or interest. ReadWriteWeb is a much respected English language technology blog founded in 2003 which opened itself to a more international audience by launching sites in France, Brazil, China and, since 2009, a Spanish language site. In our ever changing technological world, ReadWriteWeb is one of the main reference places where we can learn about the latest developments, commented by world class experts in many fields.

On ReadWriteWeb en Español we have daily coverage, reviews and analysis of the latest and more interesting trends in ITC and Social Media, and this new partnership will provide CIOnet members with easy access to a wide range of content in Spanish. News in the web, and about the web, social media, awards, meetings, software, web based services, gadgets and their many uses (besides being cool)… being presented with a wide array of articles about all this and much more will be of great value to our CIOs and we at CIOnet Spain are very excited not only at providing our members with some first class writings, but also to the idea of the debate and sharing of opinions and views that this content might spark. For our members, the great value of this partnership lies not just in being provided with raw information, not even with first class analysis of this information, but in having a platform were content can be discussed, analyzed and debated with their pairs. We have just added a great source of content, let’s start with the debate.

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