Presenting the CIOnet Belgium Advisory Board 2011

It is a pleasure to present you the CIOnet Belgium Advisory Board 2011 !

CIOnet Belgium Advisory Board 2011
CIOnet Belgium Advisory Board 2011

Members include: Carl Tilkin-Franssens (Chairman) – Daniel Lebeau, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (Vice Chairman) – Prof. Georges Ataya, Solvay Business School – Peter Billiau, Dexia – Els Blaton, AXA – Roger Bouvrie, Puratos – Prof. Carlos De Backer, Universiteit Antwerpen – Frank De Saer, FPS (Ministry) of Economy – Jan Dobbenie, Nuon – Louis Mahy, Record Bank – Philippe Niesten, Herstal – Miel Schamp, Tomkins – Peter Strickx, Fedict – Martine Tempels, Telenet – Prof. Jacques Tiberghien, ULB & VUB – Kalman Tiboldi, TVH – Eric Van Bael, HP – Prof. Wim Van Grembergen, Universiteit Antwerpen & AMS – Koen Van Loo, ADMB – Koen Vandaele, Deloitte – Johan Vandewalle, ACV – Koen Vermeulen, Belgacom – Prof. Stijn Viaene, Vlerick & KUL

The Advisory Board meets 3 times per year and members commit to actively give advice and direction to the CIOnet organisation, to be a CIOnet advocate, to introduce where possible new members and partners and to attend & support CIOnet activities online and offline where possible.

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