Next CIOnet Spain event: Nuestro granito de arena, improving CIOs skills.

Event program
Event program

It is a pleasure to invite CIOnet members to our second CIOnet Spain Networking Event for 2011, “Nuestro granito de arena”, that will be hold on Thursday, 14th of April.

We’ve got an ambitious goal this time. In collaboration with the IE Business School, we want to ascertain and discuss which topics are necessary to design a wider training/information program for CIOs , which enable them to improve those skills necessary to understand the relevance of IT in business and become a driving factor in achieving the goals of their current organizations. We count on you for this because only a CIO knows what the daily challenges of this position are.

With this purpose, we will change the staging of the event. To start with, Jaime Vázquez, CIO of PSOE, will open the session providing us some questions to open the discussion. Next a brainstorming session will be leaded by Álvaro Arenas and Silvia Leal from the IE Business School. To conclude, Francisco Navarro also from the IE, will compile conclusions and close the session.

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