Understanding Business

Yesterday I attended a meeting with some of our manufacturing clients in the South West. As part of that, we were taken on a factory tour. The guides on the factory tour were an Enterprise Architect and a Procurement officer. Not a senior factory manager but two IT people!! It was fantastic!! The enthusiasm that these people showed about the products that were being manufactured on this site was just staggering. They took us through the whole process, they could explain the manufacturing challenges, the supply chain issues – all from the business’s point of view. They could talk about how IT helps solve some of the problems. They could also talk about the problems that IT can’t help with. They were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. We talk about IT people becoming part of the business, but Messier-Dowty demonstrated that they live it. It was so good to see it in action. There were three other manufacturing companies at this meeting and we were all inspired by this. When you see this working you can see why Messier-Dowty is the leader in their field….An inspiration to all of us!

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