Marcello Cordioli – CIO CITY interview

Marcello Cordioli, Group CIO of Permasteelisa, interviewed by Daniel Erasmus during CIO CITY.

CIO Marcello Cordioli and his IT Group at Permasteelisa have played a fundamental role in helping the organization pursue its mission to design and build avant-garde architectural projects in collaboration with the most respected architecture firms, by applying innovative high technology solutions – principally aluminium and glass coverings of buildings.

“Managing the diversity of culture, the diversity of business processes is the most difficult thing. Asking a German to make a medium quality product he can not do it and asking a Chinese to make a high quality product he can not do it. These are cultural differences and there mentality is completely different. Technology is going to be simple in the future and managing this infrastructure is going to be simpler. We can simplify a lot in ICT.”

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