ICSA, new Network Partner for CIOnet Spain

In our daily work we try to do our best to find the greatest valuable information to make it available for CIOnet members. That is why it is a pleasure for us to inform you that ICSA Group has become Network Partner of CIOnet Spain. ICSA is a company with a large experience (since 1958) specialized in Research, Consultancy, Systems and Applications in the Human Resources field. Since 2004 they set up a salary obsevatory (Observatorio Salarial), that provides companies with useful information on this topic.

This agreement will give our members valuable information such as the “Estudio de remuneraciones-Sector TI”, recently uploaded to the CIOnet website, which compares the salaries of different job positions in the Spanish IT sector vs. the remuneration of the national mean of an equivalent job position. CIOnet members can read the study just by clicking on the picture.

If you are not a CIOnet member click here to get more information or send an e-mail to soporte@cionet.com

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