CIOnet meets EU Commissioner Mrs Neelie Kroes

On Thursday morning the 15th of September CIOnet was invited back to meet with EU Commissioner Mrs Neelie Kroes and Constantijn van Oranje. Four CIOs: Prof. Lineke Sneller, CIO Vodafone, Netherlands; Mr Federico Florez, CIO Ferrovial, Spain; Daniel Lebeau, CIO GlaxoSmithKline, Belgium and Marcello Cordioli, CIO Permasteelisa, Italy together with Nils Fonstad, Insead / eLabs, Hendrik Deckers and Frits Bussemaker from CIOnet spent well over an hour with her. We discussed how we could work together and have agreed to share the success stories we have to offer. Furthermore, we will discuss how we can supply data on the value of IT. During lunch we met with Francisco Garcia Moran, the ‘CIO’ of the EC, with Ken Ducatel, the author of the ‘Digital Agenda’ and with Paul Timmers and Jean-Francois Junger of the commission. They all have confirmed to want to continue the discussion.

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