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CIOnet Annual Event 2011: The Perfect Storm (Tuesday Oct 11, 2011)

The next few years we will witness a perfect storm of four disruptive technologies that will accellerate the transformation of our organizations, business processes, our society and will have major and many unforeseen implications for our lives.

The technologies involved are already in our life today. Many of us are heavily involved in four waves of the Perfect Storm: Cloud Computing, Social Media, Mobile and Smart Systems.

However the unforeseen lies in the fact that we are not anticipating the confluence of events. There will be both positive and negative aspects in the transformation process, but it will be fast, fierce and full.

The society, the organization and the person that adapts best has an advantage over the others. It will foster economic growth and its position in a continuously globalizing world.

CIOnet Nederland Annual Event 2011 will help you navigating through this storm.

The format of the day is one with short presentation by international experts. In a power roundtable setting we will then get to the real insights and create value for your organization.

Who to expect:

  • Frits Huffnagel, Business News Radio (BNR) – Chairman
  • Peter Fingar, Author of dot.Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Computing
  • Ajit Jaokar, Director,nominee at World Economic Forum for the Global Agenda Council
  • Prof. Jerry Luftman, Executive Director of Stevens Institute (NJ, USA) and Society of Information Management
  • Mike Walmsley – World class recruitment training expert.
  • Frans van der Reep – Strategist

Agenda (summary)

12.00 registration / lunch

13.00 start programme / POWER ROUNDTABLE

18.30 drinks & walking dinner

Download the special invitation, including speakers, here: Agenda CIOnet NL Annual Event 2011

You can register for The CIOnet Annual Event 2011 via (registered members & business partners) or contact Yvonne van Lijnschoten (+31 6 42 45 16 09) or

We look forward meeting you in Amsterdam on October the 11th for a great meeting of minds!

Yvonne van Lijnschoten (Community Manager)

Frits Bussemaker (Partner)

Jeroen Kleinhoven (Partner)

Herman van Bolhuis (Managing Partner)

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