The Value of IT: CIOnet France Seminar Report

On Monday September 19 2011, CIOnet hosted the seminar « The value of IT ».
The agenda featured the following topics:
  • How to describe and evaluate the value created by IT?
  • Intangible Assets Management
  • IC-dVal Methodology
  • Performance in IT
  • IT value and the “IT debt”
  • Benchmarking
Ahmed Bounfour
Ahmed Bounfour
Georges Epinette
Georges Epinette
Daniel Lebeau
Daniel Lebeau
Three world-famous speakers kindly shared with us their experience and knowledge:
Professor Ahmed Bounfour, European Chair on Intellectual Capital Management
at the University Paris-Sud, vice president of the New Club of Paris.
Georges Epinette, Head of IT Systems at the Mousquetaires grouping and Director at Cigref.
Professor Ahmed Boufour and
Georges Epinette have written together “Valeur et Performance des SI” (Editor: Dunod).
Daniel Lebeau, CIO of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals.
Professor Bounfour and Georges Epinette insisted on the importance of intangible assets as a key to competitive advantage. 90% of the value of a company or of an organization is composed of intangible assets, and they attract most of the investments.
Be it as it may the measurement of these assets requires a methodology allowing to deal with their idiosyncrasies: they have value only when they are combined, they are uncertain and volatile.
The IC-dVal (Intellectual Capital Dynamic Value) is an answer to this requirement.
The Intangible Capital is composed of the following key-elements:
  • Human Capital (including skills and knowledge of the teams)
  • Structural Capital (licenses, software, trademarks, Databases…)
  • Organizational Capital (processes)
  • Relational Capital (customers, stakeholders…)
Managing the intangible capital has several key objectives:
  • Innovation, strategy and reengineering of the organizations made consistent
  • Demonstrate the potential of value creation for the intangible assets
  • Raise value creation
  • Develop benchmarking and benchlearning
Daniel Lebeau described the domains where to bring value and the ways to do it within the Information System:
  • Culture of Impact: only projects give value
  • Culture of Asset Optimization: run IT as a factory
  • Culture of Simplification & Integration
  • Balancing Business value vs. IT efficiency
  • Importance of benchmarks
  • Value on innovative or productive processes
  • New source of values
  • Marketing of IT values
The seminar ended with a cocktail allowing our members and sponsors to meet and discuss further.

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