BYOD – January 24th 2012 CIOnet Norway

CIOnet Norway has the pleasure to invite all CIOnet members (and prospective members) to the first CIOnet Norway event: BYOD.

Strategy, planning and thoughts around a change of paradigm.

Consumer, employee, customer?

We have different preferences on how we want to use equipment, in forms of Smartphones, PC or iPads to communicate with those we wish. This creates challenges and it challenges the way we have offered access to applications until now.

At SAS Radisson, Nydalen January 24th.2012 at 13.00 to 17.00

Three of the largest companies have some thoughts and experiences around this. Do you want to share their thoughts and discuss the topic?


13.00 to 13.30 Registration and coffee.
13.30 to 13.50

13.45 – 14.05Ole Krisitan Målbakken, senioradviser at Secode Norway tells us about his securitychallenges around “BYOD” from own casestudies. Ole Kristian has worked as a Risk Manager for many years.

Kjell Rune Tveita, CIO and Head of Group Services. He has worked for IF since the company was established in 1999. Kjell Rune will discuss their thoughts on the topic BYOD, and how this affects the sourcing strategy. Support Centre and support for users are also discussed.14.05 to 14.30Telenor by Jamie Sletten, responsibil for the infrastructure of Telenor IS, he will provide information about Telenor’s plans for efficiency and moderinisering of the workforce in Telenor under BYOD.14.30 to 15.00Hans Petter Aanby, as CIO and Director for business development, Norwegian encounter the problem in two dimensions. Both the customers’ requirements and wishes, as well as internal resources. Hans Petter will talk about how Norwegian offer access and opportunities for customers and gives us insight into how modern aircraft monitoring and network boards are used to reduce costs and streamline operations.15.00-15.45Discussion Groups. Dialogue and discussion about BYOD in separate groups. Moderator collects the main lines of feedback to the plenary.15.45 to 16.00Moderator reports the main lines back to the plenary. Summary and conclusion on the subject.16.00 to 16.15Break and refreshments.16.15 to 16.45 Anne Louise Hubert, AID in Action. “What is important?” Anne Louise is a rare 22 year old who is known to many from the “Good Morning Norway” tv show for her effort in Africa. She has also found her own way to communicate, and will share her work and results so far. Social media and her own “TV channel” are some of the tools she uses. End of formal program.17.00 to 18.30Networking and meal at the restaurant.

  • Seminar fee: NOK 1875, – incl m.v.a.
  • Invoices sent after registration.
  • CIOnet members: Free admission.
  • Registration no later than 14.01.2012.

Looking forward to an interesting day in 2012!

Let us take on new challenges together!

Yours sincerly,
Jens Peter Mathisen

CIOnet Norway

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