How much more do you want to know about Social Networks?

Web 2.0 caused a revolution in the world of communications, directed towards interaction among users and social networks. The way this technology and its application are oriented in the company could create controversy, between the intention of the users and the possibility of the company to exploit the advantages offered by Web 2.0, including the implementation of Internal Social Networks for the companies own use.

How do we get the most out of this technology? How do we apply in our company? These questions, among other things, will be answered in our next CIOnet Spain Event, “Opportunities of the Social Networks” where three social networks experts will share their knowledge and experiences.

The event will take place in the center of Madrid on the 2nd of February from 9:00h till 14:00h. We´ll keep you informed about the exact place for our event.

The agenda is as follows:

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Don´t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn about Social Networks!!

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