CIO CITY 2012 open for registration

CIOnet is proud to announce CIO CITY 2012, the international conference for IT Leaders, a collaboration with INSEAD. This year CIO CITY will focus entirely on The IT organisation of the Future. Speakers include Peter Weill (MIT Sloan), Paul Redmond (Liverpool University), Tom Pohlman (Forrester Research), Nils Fonstad (INSEAD) & Martin Mocker (MIT Sloan).

The way IT is organised in today’s organisations is rapidly & dramatically changing. The enterprise’s need for speed, and an increasingly technology-savvy and self-sufficient workforce are just 2 of the main drivers for this. Non-core IT and business functions are being outsourced or cloud-sourced. IT will become more and more a function within the organisation and not necessary a separate department. Will the IT organisation of the future focus more on consulting and guiding the business in technology decisions than on building or even running IT?

So how do we best organise ourselves ? Is the IT department as we know it disappearing? Are we the new dinosaurs? What should the IT organisation of the future look like? To study the current organisational challenges for IT organisations CIO CITY focuses on 3 major dimensions of the IT organisation of the future.

The Organisational Design. How do we structure & organise IT in the organisation today and tomorrow? Which IT functions to keep inside/outside the company? Which IT functions to keep inside/outside the IT department? What’s the best design depending on your industry and organisational maturity?

The Human Dimension. In the future IT will be staffed and managed by Generation Y, who have completely new desires and expectations. How do we attract and service them? How do we embrace and deal with them ? How do we need to nurture them to become the IT leaders of the future?

The Technology Dimension. The perfect storm is raging in the (IT) organisations of today: The impact of Social Media, Mobile Computing, the Cloud revolution and Consumerisation of IT are hard to follow and immensely challenge the CIOs and IT departments. So how we gain the maximum benefits out of these and upcoming (IT) trends? What are the most important upcoming technology, and how and when do we engage with them?

As information technology becomes integral to more industries, IT is in danger of being perceived as irrelevant to the business. The IT status quo is over. IT roles and the scale of IT operations will fundamentally alter in midsize and larger enterprises. For CIOs, it is now time to start building the IT organisation of the future.

CIOnet has prepared a very special experience with a limited number of your peers in Europe. Unlike other events, where you can only listen, this conference invites you to learn, work and experience intensively. Skip the hypes and trends that are presented on the other global conferences and talk with peers from different countries in order to get inspired!

Join us on 19 & 20 April 2012 in Brussels for this very special, international top event and register now to secure your seat.


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