European Key IT and Management Issues: Trends for 2012

European Key IT and Management Issues: Trends for 2012

The importance of the impact of IT on organizations around the world, especially in light of the global economic crisis, has amplified the need to provide a better understanding of the specific geographic similarities and differences of important IT managerial and technical trends. The economic conundrum is especially harsh in Europe, and like in the U.S. it is having a profound impact on decisions pertaining to IT. Going beyond identifying these economic implications is the need to understand the considerations for leveraging the impact of transformational new technologies, especially in light of operating in a globally-linked environment. By comparing Europe to the United States (U.S.), this paper presents the important information management and technology trends (e.g., management concerns, emerging technologies, budgets/spending, organizational considerations) necessary to prepare IT leaders for the challenges that await them.

While the research initiative collected data from four geographic regions (United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America), this paper focuses on the analysis comparing Europe and the U.S. The same questionnaire (albeit translated for the respective respondents), based on the lead authors well-respected and long-running Society for Information Management (SIM) IT Trends survey, was applied across geographies. In Europe the data was collected among the CIOnet membership.

This paper presents the major findings based on survey responses from 375 organizations (275 U.S. and 100 European (mainly West Europe)) in mid-2011. The top IT management concerns within Europe were: Business agility and speed to market; Business & IT alignment; Business productivity and cost reduction; IT reliability and efficiency; Business Process Management / reengineering & IT cost reduction

The five most influential technologies for Europe are Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relation Management, Collaborative & Workflow tools, and Business Process Management Systems.

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