2012 IT Enabled Leadership Report

INSEAD & CIONET proudly present the 2012 IT Enabled Leadership Report “Three Ways to Thrive: How Chief Information Officers are enabling their organisations to grow and strengthen in today’s challenging economy”

2012 IT Enabled Leadership Report - INSEAD & CIONET
2012 IT Enabled Leadership Report

The 2012 IT Enabled Leadership Report – compiled from a survey of 188 CIO’s in seven European countries –  identifies the roles of CIOs in strengthening and enabling organisational growth in today’s challenging economic climate.  The survey looked at their strategic priorities in their roles leading IT within organisations and the amount of time CIOs spent in 2011 on: managing IT services; working with non-IT colleagues; managing enterprise-wide business processes; and working with external customers and partners.

The report provides summaries on each of the 13 finalists of the 2012 European CIO of the Year Awards and a detailed profile of Wu Choy Peng, former CIO of Singapore, now Group Chief Information Officer of the Neptune Orient Lines Group in Singapore, a recent awardee of the 2012 CIO of the Year in Asia Pacific and a keynote speaker at CIO CITY 2012.

Download the full report here.

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  1. Hi Hendrik,

    Maybe you can write a summary that will contain the essence of that research paper. Not all of us have the time to read 24 pages.

    Thanks for sharing…

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