European Sourcing Survey 2012

CIONET invites you to participate in the online European Sourcing Survey 2012. This survey aims to understand factors for success and failure in outsourcing relationships. What kind of governance of supplier relationships and managing contracts to changing market conditions are required? What determines the quality of the relationship? This survey will provide information and share insight based upon the best practice amongst the members of CIONET.

Please use the following link to start the survey. They survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. You have the possibility to save your answers and resume at any given moment. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential and the information you provide will be used for the purpose of this research only. Survey participants will receive the aggregated results report, after optionally leaving their e-mail address.

The survey results will be aggregated, collected and presented in cooperation with Quint Wellington Redwood, partner of CIONET. Quint Wellington Redwood is a strictly independent consultancy firm that specializes in the field of IT(-enabled) management and resource management. Professor Maes, initiator and director of the EMIM-program of the University of Amsterdam, supports and advices the team conducting this survey

For more information, please contact Frits Bussemaker, Partner CIONET Nederland at

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