The Value of IT Frameworks report

CIONET proudly present its latest report “The Value of IT Frameworks: Recent views from Chief Information Officers”, which compiles the results from the CIONET survey of European CIO’s on the business value of IT Frameworks.

IT Frameworks Report 2012
IT Frameworks Report 2012

It is generally observed that  a security framework implementation costs half of an IT Governance framework and is often considered to be more usefulthan originally expected.

Regarding the benefits of implementing an IT governance framework, they do provide a better organisation, more useful management information and a higher maturity.

As one insider relevantly puts it: “Adoption of frameworks is neither a simple nor a self-contained project with measured costs. It is a gradual shift and interrelates with many other initiatives.”

Download the full report here.

2 thoughts on “The Value of IT Frameworks report

  1. I suppose it is a typo, but on page 12, the comment says: “Even more than for IT governance, the CIO sponsors the adoption and use of a Service Delivery framework.” but the figures shows the CEO as the major sponsor. So, which one?

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