HR of IT Event: Talent Management

On Tuesday 19  June 2012, CIONET Belgium hosted an event on the topic of IT Talent Management.

The agenda featured the following topics:

  • The ICT-professional in perspective, by Guido Dedene (Professor Management Informatics, K.U.L.)
  • The Labour Market and Talent Management, by Luc Dekeyser (R&D Director, SD Worx)
  • IT Talent Management @ ADMB, by Koen Van Loo (Director ICT, ADMB)

Key learnings from this event:

  • There is an increased understanding of ICT but serious lack of innovation at the same time.
  • Pairs development can drive up productivity and customer’s satisfaction.
  • There is a strong need to globalise the IT function and to get the talents where they are.
  • Recrute for the attitude, then train for the skills.
  • Put more emphasis is on self-management.

CIONET members can view and download the full event report and the presentations here

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