Wu Choy Peng on CIO CITY 2012

Wu Choy Peng, CIO of Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) in Singapore, interviewed by Marco van der Hoeven during CIO CITY.

Choy Peng won the IT Leaders Awards 2012. Before joining the NOL Group in July 2006, she was the CIO of the Singapore Government.

“Particularly in Singapore, we’re always competing with other professions for the same limited pool of people entering the workforce. So if you can keep a good IT talent for 3 to 5 years, you’re doing a very good job as most companies face an internal turnover rate of 15-18% a year, which means that within 5 years, the whole team is changed over. Because of that, the way we structure work, organise knowledge and make sure there’s a steady stream of people trained and ready to take on is very important. It is not about how managing the flow, but managing the flow through.”

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