Communicating with CEO & Board

On Tuesday, 18 September 2012, CIONET Belgium hosted in Brussels the IT Governance Summit “Communicating with the CEO & Board”, during which two academic researches were presented, and three excellent insights by top CIO’s were discussed.

  • Survey Results Communicating with the CEO & Board, by Eric Guldentops (AMS)
  • Communicating with the CEO & Board on High Impact Programs, by Yves Danneels (CIO, Landbouwkrediet / Crédit Agricole)
  • What the CEO & Board expects from the CIO, by André Vanden Camp (CIO, AXA)
  • CIO’s communications with the CEO & Board, by Lázaro Campos (former CEO of SWIFT)
  • CIO’s Communication with the Board and CEO by Prof. Georges Ataya (Solvay Business School)

The discussions were moderated by Georges Ataya (Solvay Business School) and Hendrik Deckers (Managing Partner, CIONET). Breakout sessions held at the end of the seminar offered all participants the opportunity to share their opinions, which saw to some valuable out-of-the-box approach in terms of CIO-CEO communication.

CIONET members can view and download the full event report and the presentations here

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