Jef Staes and Sabine Everaet on Business Innovation

Two top speakers will be joining us at our next CIONET event on IT-driven Business Innovation on Tuesday 23rd October in Brussels. We will study the opportunities that innovation brings to CIOs and IT directors.

Jef Staes, one of the leading experts in Belgium in the fields of learning and innovation management, will offer a comprehensive answer and approach to the question “Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?” Based on his career as a software designer (GTE ATEA in Belgium & USA), training Manager and Corporate Learning Officer (Siemens, Belgium), Jef Staes gained practical insights in the dynamics of organisational development. He has given hundreds of keynotes, all guaranteed eye-openers and his new look at the role of managers has inspired many.

Sabine Everaet, Europe Group CIO at The Coca Cola Company, will talk about IT-driven business innovation in her company. In 2007, she became Deployment Services Director on a global bottling program and drove successful implementations in China, Australia and The Philippines. In 2009, she was appointed Europe Group CIO. Her focus areas are consumerization of IT, collaboration platforms and exploiting the digital and mobile platforms to uplift the connection with consumers, customers and stakeholders. Sabine recently received two awards: DataNews Belgian CIO of the Year and ICT Spring European CIO of the Year.

CIONET members can reserve their seats here.

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