The Corporate Athlete, a CIONET Workshop

The Human Potential Development
The Human Potential Development

CIONET invites all CIOs and IT Executives to The Corporate Athlete, an interactive energy management workshop – in collaboration with Koen Gonnissen from The Mentally Fit Institute – on December 5th.

Participants will learn: How to energise yourself – How to stretch your potential & build up your energy stock – How to understand the energetic functioning of your body – Universal and natural techniques to increase your overall energy level – How to induce a High Qualitative Sleep – Why physical activity kills burn-outs – How to manage stress differently

Participants will leave with: – A better understanding on how to channel energy more efficiently – Quick wins for improved reinforcement, resistance, recovery – Tools to work improve the green zone to better cope with the red zone.

Programme (more details)

1:  The “Energy Stock” – The Road to Excellence:  The creation of an Energy Stock: How to develop my energy stock? Every optimisation starts with a reduction – At which level am I today and what do I want to achieve? How can I reach a higher level? How to optimise my efforts?

2:  The Human Potential Development – IQ, EQ, PhQ: IQ: Developing your technical and functional capacities: from gathering experience to becoming an expert in the domain – EQ: Developing your emotional and relational capacities: from self management to people management to team management – PhQ: Developing your physical and energetic capacities: better understanding of your body for better resistance to pressure and better recovery

Koen Gonnissen
Koen Gonnissen

Trainer: Koen Gonnissen, Director at The Mentally Fit Institute

Registration details:

– Registration fee for CIONET members: € 395 (excl. VAT)
– Registration fee for others: € 500 (excl. VAT)
– Date: Wednesday 5 December 2012
– Venue: Novotel Brussels Airport
– Time: 16.00 – 21.00

Register by e-mail or via the CIONET webpage.


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