Welcome to CIONET Portugal new AB member

On the 12th of November 2012, Rogério Campos Henriques, current Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Caixa Seguros, accepted the invitation to join CIONET’s Portugal Advisory Board.

With the Undergraduate Degree in Economics from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and the MBA from INSEAD, Rogério Henriques has wide professional experience in different functions and activity sectors.

In his career, Rogério Henriques has held top management posts such as: Manager of BCG (1994-2002), Business Development Head of Portugal Telecom (PT) (2004-2008), Chief Marketing Officer of PT Investimentos Internacionais (2007-2008), Board Member of Multicare (2008-2012), IT Director of Caixa Seguros (2008-2012) and, in the present, is Member of the Executive Board of Group Fidelidade Mundial/ Império Bonança.

In this manner, CIONET, the largest private network of CIOs, has now 10 Advisory Board Members including: Augusto Fragoso – ANACOM, Carlos Vaz – Chamartin, Francisco Barbeira – BPI, Jaime Quesado – Portugal Clusters, Jorge Coelho – IPBPM, Jorge Jordão – CA Serviços, ACE, Architect Luís Pinto, Paulo Ornelas – SATA and Rui Paiva – WEDO.

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