Will you help us navigate through the e-Skills jungle?

Share your feedback on The eSkills Landscape Service Prototype!

CIONET has been asked by empirica (with whom we have been and are cooperating in different projects for the European Commission) to support them in the beta testing of an ‘eSkills Online Landscape Service Prototype’ which we have accepted. Therefore we are asking you for your help.

The online survey is organised as part of the e-Skills QUALITY project launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry. The ‘eSkills Landscape Service Prototype’, provides a reliable picture of e-Skills industry-based training and certification (IBTC) supply and demand across Europe, maps IBTC offers to common competency and role frameworks and offers an online self-assessment tool to stakeholders and thereby help to provide an urgently needed orientation and navigation support through the e-Skills ‘jungle’ for ICT practitioners and employers.

We would like to kindly invite you to have a look at the prototype version of the e-Skills Landscape Service, try its tools and quickly answer this brief survey.

Your participation will not take long as most answers only require you to tick boxes. The deadline for survey completion is December 7th 2012.

Your contributions and opinions will be used for developing the final version of this online service and in the recommendations for its future. Further details on the e-Skills QUALITY study can be obtained from the study website: www.eskills-quality.eu or at the e-Skills Landscape Service. Or, contact Frits Bussemaker, Liaison European Relations at frits.bussemaker@cionet.com

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