CIONET supports the European e-Skills Conference

On January 24th, the European Commission will host in Brussels the conference ‘Towards a European Quality label for ICT industry training and certifications’.  This conference is organised in the context of an initiative launched by the European Commission earlier in 2012. CIONET supports this conference. On behalf of CIONET, Mrs Silvia Leal will bepresent at the Conference. Mrs Leal is Corporate Technology Director, Geoban SA (part of Santander Group) and Director of ICT programs at IE Business School, Madrid.
More information on the event, including the conference programme and speakers, can be found on the conference website.

At this important event European experts will discuss the ICT skills shortages and mismatches and how industry-based training and certification in ICT can become part of the solution to reduce ICT skills shortages and unemployment. Solutions for achieving the much needed clarity and orientation support through the ICT education and training ‘jungle’ together with latest evidence on e-skills demand and supply developments and forecasts (2012 – 2020) will be presented. Leading stakeholders will present their views on the importance of e-skills and ICT industry-based training and certification in Europe. Possible interactions with employment agencies and recruitment / staffing industry will be shown.

A proposal for a European e-Skills Quality label for ICT-based training and certification, together with its criteria, processes and structures, will be presented.  In addition a prototype of an online e-skills landscape service and support tool for ICT practitioners (helping them in developing targeted career strategies) and key stakeholders like human resources managers (helping them in their job placement, management and recruitment processes) will be demonstrated. Conclusions, recommendations for actions and governance models will mark the end of the conference.

This conference is organised in the context of the initiative launched by the European Commission on ICT industry training and certifications earlier in 2012. On behalf of the European Commission we cordially invite you and hope to see you at the event.
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