Sabine Everaet New President of CIONET Belgium Advisory Board

Sabine Everaet

We are honoured to welcome Sabine Everaet as the new chairwoman of the CIONET Belgium Advisory Board (AB). We are confident that Mrs Everaet, Europe Group CIO for The Coca-Cola Company and Belgian CIO of the Year 2011 will bring knowledge, perspective and vast experience to the tasks of the Board.

We thank our former Chairman Daniel Lebeau for his leadership last year and commitment to CIONET and wish him all the best in his new function in London. We thank AB member Peter Strickx for all the constant support he has provided in the past five years as he will be on a sabbatical leave with the CIONET Board. Finally, we are pleased to welcome aboard three new AB members: Minh Hua, Jean-Claude Blaimont and Paul Danneels.

The first meeting of the year took place on 23/01/13 and was hosted by Telenet in their Mechelen’s head office.We briefed the Board on  the CIONET Belgium program for this year, as well as the selection process for the European CIO of the Year and the European Research Paper of the Year. The upcoming international conference CIO CITY 2013 was also evoked before discussing the CIONET mobile project. A keynote presentation by Ann Caluwaerts concluded this great meeting.

© Erwin Van den Brande

Members of the CIONET Belgium Advisory Board 2013: Sabine Everaet, The Coca-Cola Company – Prof. Georges Ataya, Solvay Business School – Peter Billiau, EDF Luminus – Jean-Claude Blaimont, McCain Foods – Els Blaton – Paul Danneels, VDAB – Prof. Carlos De Backer, Antwerp University – Frank De Saer, FOD Economie – Jan Dobbenie, Eni – Cécile Gonfroid, RTBF – Minh Hua, Magotteaux – Daniel Lebeau, GSK Biologicals – Louis Mahy, Record Bank – Nitti Mardjan, Accenture – Christophe Neut, Cegeka – Philippe Niesten, Herstal – Martine Tempels, Telenet – Prof. Jacques Tiberghien, VUB – Kalman Tiboldi, TVH – Carl Tilkin-Franssens, Acerta – Prof. Wim Van Grembergen, UA & AMS – Koen Van Loo, ADMB – Koen Vandaele, Deloitte – Johan Vandewalle, ACV – Prof. Stijn Viaene, Vlerick

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