Lien Callens, Frank De Saer & Kalman Tiboldi on IT Simplification

Three top speakers will be joining us at our next CIONET event on IT Simplification on Tuesday 26th February in Brussels. This seminar will address various aspects of Application Transformation and answer the question of how to use IT Simplification as a competitive business weapon?

Lien Callens is Associate Director Global Business Services Procter & Gamble, Global Trade Funds Management Services and Solutions. She will discuss how to “run an IT project at 30% of the cost while doubling the value in a complex business area as trade funds management in Western Europe”, explaining that they do it at P&G by “simplifying and standardizing the business processes ahead of the systems implementation”.

Frank De Saer is CIO at the Federal Public Service Economy. Frank will examine several aspects of managing the costs of IT, such as: – How can we make the IT costs more transparent? – An activity-based cost model in IT? Relevant or utopia? – How can we have more control on the costs? Do more with less? – Benchmarking of IT costs?

Kalman Tiboldi is the Chief Business Innovation Officer of TVH. Kalman will put the focus on Application modernization/transformation; New user interfaces – user expectations due to consumarization and mobile; SOA and Cloud architecture – Build-Buy-Compose; Software development – Framework, code generation, functional points, quality.

CIONET members can reserve their seats here.

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