Oliver Bussmann on Business-IT Alignment, the topic of CIONET Portugal’s 1st event

Oliver Bussmann, CIO of SAP

In 2012, Oliver Bussmann (SAP) was awarded European CIO of the Year by CIONET. In an interview to Semana Informática, a Portuguese magazine about IT, Oliver Bussmann shared his point of view about business-IT alignment. This topic will be the focus of the first networking event of CIONET in Portugal.

Oliver Bussmann was challenged to align SAP’s IT infra-structure with its business goals. Hence, Bussmann transformed the company’s IT department and the results are soon to be known. Bussmann considers himself a functional CIO who is in charge of ensuring effiecient business processes through IT. He should also make sure that IT serve as an enabler to cut operational costs and, meanwhile, improve the organizational performance. To do so, it is essential to have an IT infra-structure which is allied to the expansion of the business and which supports it, in stead of blocking innovation and growth. This is mandatory for any CIO, according to Bussmann.

To read the full interview (in Portuguese), click here.

The 1st networking event of CIONET Portugal with Católica Lisbon Innovation Lab focusses on Business-IT Alignment. As Bussmann argues, it is essential to understand the impact of information technology on business performance in order to be able to invest correctly, maximizing value. This event addresses exactly the different perspectives from the CEO, CFO and CIO.

The event will take place on the 21st of March at Católica Lisbon and counts with interventions by:

  • Francisco Veloso, Dean at Católica Lisbon
  • António Gomes de Menezes, CEO of SATA: The Concerns of the CEO in 2013 and implications in IT
  • José Luís Botelho, CFO of ALSTOM Portugal: The CFO Focus in 2013 and the impact in IT
  • Rogério Campos Henriques, CIO of Caixa Seguros: CIOs and the Board
  • Nils Fonstad, Associate Director of INSEAD eLab

Have you already registered? You can do so here (full event details) or contact bo.irik@cionet.com!

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