Presenting Yves Baguet, finalist of the European CIO of the Year 2013 awards

Yves Baguet, CIO of Clearstream

Before joining Cedel (Clearstream since 2000)/Deutsche Börse Group, Yves Baguet (Luxembourg) was Vice President in charge of the Technical Department of the IT Division at J.P. Morgan Euroclear.

In 1994, he joined Cedel where he managed and drove all the major projects within the company. In 2000, he became Managing Director Technology / CIO of Clearstream Services. He is in charge of the IT Development departments, the IT Operations and IT Infrastructure departments for Clearstream in Luxembourg, Frankfurt and in the new Deutsche Börse Prague development center. He also led the technical integration of Deutsch Börse Clearing with Cedel to become Clearstream. Then, he conducted the integration of Clearstream within Deutsche Börse Group after the acquisition of the company by DBAG in 2002.

In 2006, he created a new IT Hosting and Managed Services business line, which has now acquired 26 customers located in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Brazil. At the annual IT One Gala Awards held in 2011 in Luxembourg, Clearstream Services received the award for “Outstanding Managed Services Company of the Year”. In 2007, he was elected Luxembourg CIO of the Year by IT One. In 2012, he was elected the Luxembourg CIO of the Year by IT Nation Golden-i.

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