Presenting Michael McGrail, finalist of the European CIO of the Year 2013 awards

Mike McGrail, CIO of SpilGames

Michael McGrail’s (The Netherlands) initial years at Spil Games were focused on building a development team of +70 people while transforming the various Spil Games gaming portals into a single rich, socially enabled platform. He is currently involved with the cultural and organizational aspects of the growing Spil Games organization where he uses his experience, seniority and sense of humor to help the Spil Games leadership grow to a higher level.

Spil Games is an online games publisher, scouting the best content from the world of online game developers to entertain the 200+ million visitors to its platform each month. Spil Games has invested in and built gaming platforms for three target demographics in 15 languages and operates offices in The Netherlands, China, Germany and the UK.

Prior to joining Spil Games in 2009, Michael worked at Quadrem where he was responsible for the operations of a global online procurement platform, processing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions annually. He has also worked in program, project and line management roles at UPC, Cambridge Technology Partners, TeleMedia and the United States Air Force. Michael earned a BSc in Information Systems from the University of Maryland.

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