Participate in the CIONET Poll: Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

Europe is being confronted with a paradox of mass unemployment together with a shortage in ICT skills. EU-based sourcing strategies can provide an additional perspective on solving this paradox, by improving the operations of the ICT demand-supply paradigm. We feel it is important to understand what barriers organisations and service providers experience for conducting business in the European region.

Goals of this European Poll:

  1. Gain insight in possible barriers that CIO’s encounter when selecting ICT providers within Europe.
  2. Identify areas of improvement for the EU and CIO’s which help overcome the current workforce paradox.
  3. Identify if/where additional analysis and fact finding is required.

Please click here to answer the 4-question poll before 26/05/2013. The results will be discussed at CIO CITY in June and presented to the European Commission.

Thank you for your collaboration!

This survey and production of the survey report is done in collaboration with the Quint Group.

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