CIONET Business in China Exploration Trip

CIONET International organises for a selected number of its members a business exploration trip to China from 27/08/2013 till 04/09/2013. The goals of this business trip are to study doing business in China; to study outsourcing possibilities in China; to explore Chinese culture & heritage; to build Chinese business relationships; to combine business & culture and to network with a small group of peer CIOs.

This 9 day business trip will be visiting 3 major Chinese cities (Jilin, Beijing & Shanghai) and 2 international conferences. Sponsor of this exploration trip is Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider headquartered in China.

7 CIONET members will participate in this first group trip. More trips are planned for later in the year. Check out the pictures below of the 2012 CIONET China trip:

One thought on “CIONET Business in China Exploration Trip

  1. China is a country with rich culture and deep historical heritage. The customs passed down for generations are often imbedded into how the Chinese do business in China. I am glad the CIONET members will be able to go to China and experience first-hand on how Chinese operates and hopefully it can enlighten western businessmen into incorporating some of China’s ideals into the art of business back home.

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