Pushing the Limits – join us on October 23rd for the Dutch CIONET Annual Event

This year’s Dutch Annual CIONET event is about going beyond. CIOs and their teams are being forced to push their limits to the max. Business reality enforces to transform rapidly. Technological changes in the past 5 years are disruptive and the role of IT has changed consequently.

  • How does the CIO cope with fast change?
  • What is and should be your focus?
  • How to develop a world class team to face the upcoming challenges?
  • Who do you rely on and who can you trust?
  • How to coach the coach?

Pushing the limits for yourself, your role as an IT Executive and for your organization will be explored during this Annual Event.

We are proud to have a very high level group of speakers and contributors:

 Gerry Pennell, speaker Dutch CIONET Annual Event 2013
Gerry Pennell
, CIO of Olympic Games in London 2012

Gerry’s career started in the development of mathematical models and real-time software for applications in anti-submarine warfare, gun and rocket artillery and for the Police. He then spent years in different roles as a CIO, IT Executive and management consultant with theBarclays Bank, PwC, the 17th Commonwealth Games, Cooperative Financial Services, the Cooperative Group. End 2008, Gerry joined LOCOG as CIO responsible for the management and delivery of all the IT & telecommunications required to stage the 2012 Olympic Games. Gerry was a Visiting Professor at the Salford Business School (2002–’05). He is the winner of the European CIO of the Year 2013 award in the category Client Driven.
 Michael McGrail, speaker Dutch CIONET Annual Event 2013
Michael McGrail
, Director of Organisational Development of Spil Games
Michael’s initial years at Spil Games were focused on building a development team of +70 people while transforming the various Spil Games gaming portals into a single rich, socially enabled platform. He is currently involved with the cultural and organizational aspects of the growing Spil Games organization where he uses his experience, seniority and sense of humor to help the Spil Games leadership grow to a higher level. Prior to 2009, Michael worked at Quadrem where he was responsible for the operations of a global online procurement platform, processing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions annually. He has also worked in program, project and line management roles at UPC, Cambridge Technology Partners, TeleMedia and the U.S. Air Force.
 Koen Gonnissen, speaker Dutch CIONET Annual Event 2013
Koen Gonnissen
, Top Exec. Coach & Partner at the Mentally Fit Institute
Koen Gonnissen learned his coaching job on the terrain accompanying for about 10 years top sport athletes. As Captain of the Belgian Davis Cup team, his team reached the quarter, and the year after the semi-final of the world group. Since end 1998 he trains & coaches corporate teams and individuals, managers and executives. He co-wrote with Alain Goudsmet the book “The Corporate Athlete” (2000), which draws interesting parallels between the sports and corporate world: efficient energy management is the only way to high sustained performance, top sports and the corporate world are not different! “Manage your energy, not just your time!” Koen works on individual & on team level. As a coach/trainer and executive coach, Koen stretches the potential of an individual trough better insight in personal talent, social intelligence, a better understanding of team dynamics, working on “bridging” capacities. 
 Lineke Sneller, speaker Dutch CIONET Annual Event 2013
Lineke Snelller
, former CIO (Tele2, Vodafone). Professor of Value of IT @ Nyenrode School of Accountancy & Controlling

Lineke is a member of the Supervisory Board of Achmea and Prof. of Value of IT at the Centre for Accounting Information Systems (Nyenrode Business University). Her research interests include the value of information technology, ERP, IT Governance and Green IT. She is a core teacher of the MBA program Business & IT. Lineke is also the former CIO of Vodafone NL and has held various management and director positions at Tele2, InterfaceFLOR, TNT Post and Ortec Consultants, in the areas of finance and information technology. She is a member of the Advisory Board of CIONET NL. In 2010, Lineke became the CIO of the Year.
 Barbara Dossetter, chairman Dutch CIONET Annual Event 2013 Barbara Dossetter VP Advisory Services at CIO Connect
Barbara is an Executive Advisor to IT Leaders across UK/Europe, North American and AsiaPac. At VP/Director level, she has extensive experience in creating & improving consulting practices, achieving new business revenue & staff utilisation targets, motivate & lead successful IT practices. Barbara held quite a few Executive positions within companies such as CEB (Exec. Advisor/Research Director), Gartner (Programme Director), Abattia Group Limited (Head of Development), Pacific Systems (Head of Practice), Unisys (Sales Director), Tetra (Marketing Director), Walker International (VP Business Development) and MSA (Head of Delivery).

Date: Wednesday 23 October 2013
Time: 12:30 – 18:00 with afterwards dinner hosted by Workday
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam

CIONET members can register here free of charge or send an email to marita@cionet.com.

Are you an IT Executive and interested to join your fellow (IT) colleagues at this event? Please contact Marita Vleugel.

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