The IT Organisation of 2020 – 17.October 2013

Join us at our 6th networking event ‘The IT Organisation in 2020’ on 17 Oct. in Brussels. We will discuss the challenges of the future IT Department in the light of the experience of top-of-their-game CIOs Luc Verbist (De Persgroep), Bart Van den Bosch (UZ Leuven), Stefaan Kindekens (Barco), and ‘Business & People Interactions Architect’ Frédéric Williquet (99 possums).

They will present their insights in terms of the Evolution of the IT organisation: Core competences, IT Roles & Talents; the IT Roles of the future: Business Analysts, Project Managers, Client Managers, Vendor Managers; and Talent management:
– How to attract/retain staff and deploy effectively, including ageing population & Generation Y
– How to ensure expertise/experience is safeguarded with the retirement of IT-workers
– New way of working in relationship with Generation Y
– How to support the young generation with appropriate technology/tools, including BYOD and its implications

Luc Verbist, CIO of De Persgroep Publishing
Awarded CIO of the Year 2012 and CIO of the Year 2013 in the Technology Driven category, Luc Verbist is heading an ICT staff of 225 and has an operational responsibility for supporting the Belgian and Dutch activities. He is closely involved in the merger and acquisition strategy of De Persgroep and is leading the ICT integration of newly acquired businesses.
Prof. dr. Bart Van den Bosch, CIO of the university hospitals UZ Leuven
Bart Van den Bosch develops Nexuz Health, a clinical workstation rolling out in 10 hospitals. His main interests are hospital workflow auto­mation, integration, hospital information systems, software architecture and data modelling. He is also teaches part tim medical informatics at UZ Leuven, which has been at the forefront of Electronic Medical Record development for more than 20 years.
Stefaan Kindekens, CIO and VP Information Technologies of Barco
Barco is an international high-tech electronics company that develops visualization products for various markets including digital cinema, medical imaging, simulation and virtual reality.
Frédéric WilliquetPartner at 99possums
Social Enterprise Consultant, Frédéric Williquet developed a comprehensive view on HR, strengthened with its experience of Conversation Manager & HR Consultant for SD Worx. He provides consultancy on Future of Work, Enterprise 2.0 & Social Business, Open Leadership, Employee Engagement, etc. ‘Business & People Interactions Architect’, he believes in managing change through the power of communities.

Date: Thursday 17 October 2013
Time: 2pm – 7pm
Venue: Novotel, Leonardo Da Vincilaan 25, 1831 Diegem

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