What’s Next? CIONET Belgium 2014 Annual Event

What’s Next.
What’s Next in the world.
What’s Next in the world of the CIO.

The 2014 Annual Event of CIONET Belgium promises to be the top event of the year! We have gathered no less than 12 speakers who will each talk about their passion and how that connects with What’s Next in the world of the CIO.

You will learn about the impact of IT on our consciousness, economy and society; about the age of context; about 3-D printing; about the impact of globalisation; about hacking and bitcoin and about many other, very diverse topics.

This year’s annual event goes TED-style: short, crisp and passionate speeches from plethora of speakers that speak from their soul. We’re expecting +100 IT Executives so make sure not to miss this one! We welcome you at Théâtre Vaudeville (Brussels) at 13:30 for a stimulating event afternoon followed by a walking dinner closing the day at 21:00.

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