What’s Next… in the World of the CIO (1)

In the run up to the TED-style CIONET Belgium Annual Event on January 30, with short, crisp and passionate speeches from plethora of speakers that speak from their soul, let us present:

Thomas Power (co-founder of Scredible and LeadORS) will discuss the Age of Context.

Thomas’ intention and core process is Changing Lives. Aged 49, he describes himself as a specialist at studying, analysing, reading and understanding markets to provide you with context supported by my more than 200,000 followers across Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and Scredible. Thomas is featured 73rd in The Top 100 Most Connected People on LinkedIn. A Social Media teacher and trainer on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Facebook and Blogs. A professional speaker. 2200 Presentations in 56 Countries.

Sabine Everaet (Europe Group CIO of The Coca-Cola Company) will discuss how to Think Big with Smart Data.

In 2009, Sabine was appointed Europe Group CIO. The first challenge she faced, was the renegotiation of the technology and end-user computing outsourcing contracts to achieve targeted transformation savings, whilst at the same time supporting the Finance, Procurement and HR transformation. Current focus is on consumerization of IT as well as exploiting the digital and mobile platforms to uplift the connection with consumers, customers and stakeholders. Sabine was elected Belgian CIO of the Year in 2011.

Omar Bakhet (former United Nations Director) will talk about the Impact of the New Information Technology on our Consciousness, Economy and Society.

Omar has 25 years of years of experience in senior positions at the United Nations, focusing on political, humanitarian and development issues, working both in the field and in New York, Geneva, and latterly Brussels, representing the UN Secretary General and UN Secretariat to the European Union and NATO. He also has extensive experience in managing UN operations in complex field situations in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central America and Europe.

Date: Thursday 30th January
Time: 1:30pm – 9pm
Venue: Théâtre du Vaudeville, Galerie de la Reine 13, 1000 Brussels

We wish you a very good, healthy and prosperous 2014 and look forward to welcoming you at our Annual Event in Brussels!

CIONET members can register via the event page on CIONET.com
Non CIONET members who wish to attend the Annual Event can contact Mieke Pauwels at mieke@cionet.com

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