What’s Next… in the world of the CIO (3)

In the run up to the TED-style CIONET Belgium Annual Event on January 30, with short, crisp and passionate speeches from plethora of speakers that speak from their soul, let us present:

Marie-Hélène Fagard (CIONET France Advisory Board President) will talk about The Evolving Role of the CIO: Where Next?  .

Marie-Hélène, President of CIONET France, served as CIO at Europcar, Lagardère Active and the Mazars Group. She also worked for six years for the research department of the Air Liquide Group. Ms Fagard is an aeronautical engineer and holds a doctorate in aircraft engineering. In her last role, she was responsible for the quality & solutions department, and aligning IT with business requirements.

Jurgen Laudus (Director of Materialise) will talk about What’s Next in 3-D Printing.

Jurgen obtained a MSc in Engineering in 2001. During his studies, he came into contact with prototyping technologies and was amazed by the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing. He joined Materialise as Project Manager, and over the years has held many different roles in the organization. Today, Jurgen heads up the Additive Manufacturing Services unit of Materialise and focuses on ensuring that all prototyping and small series customers receive outstanding quality and service.

Lune Van Ewijk (Digital Girl of the Year 2013) will talk about her Passion for developing games & designing robots.

Lune is Digital Girl of the Year 2013 (10 years and under). She develops her own games and interactive movies, designs robots and dreams of becoming an engineer. At nine years of age, she is already a true digital visionary and already has a track-record of getting girls her age excited about digital endeavour.

Date: Thursday 30th January
Time: 1:30pm – 9pm
Venue: Théâtre du Vaudeville, Galerie de la Reine 13, 1000 Brussels

CIONET members can register via the event page on CIONET.com
Non CIONET members who wish to attend the Annual Event can contact Mieke Pauwels at mieke@cionet.com

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