Why IT struggles to innovate, and how you can fix it

Do you feel the squeeze experienced by most enterprise IT departments? Struggling to deliver custom web and mobile applications?

It seems that it’s virtually impossible for IT to meet all business demands with current budgets, resources, and approaches. But the business keeps changing and IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant to the organization.

According to Gartner and other analyst reports:

  • 80%-85% of IT budgets are spent just “Keeping the Lights On” (KTLO)
  • Backlogs are compounding annually at a rate of 10%-20%
  • 42% of the initial cost of an application is spent year after year to maintain it

In this eBook you can explore the root causes of IT inefficiency and read about some methods companies have used to overcome them, turning their IT departments into innovation superstars.

Click here to download the eBook.


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