2014 European IT & Management Trends

2014 European IT & Management Trends

CIONET presents its yearly report on IT Trends, prepared by lead-authors Jerry Luftman* & Barry Derksen** on the base of an international and long-running Society for Information Management IT Trends survey. While the research initiative collected data from the United States, Europe, Asia & Latin America, totalising 1,232 organisations, the report focuses on the analysis comparing Europe and the US in mid to end 2013.

You can download the complete report here.

The top five IT management concerns within Europe:

  1.  Alignment of IT and / with the business
  2. Business Agility
  3. Business Cost Reduction / Controls
  4. IT Cost Reduction / Controls
  5. Business Productivity

The impact of IT on organisations in light of the global economic crisis has amplified the need to provide a better understanding of the specific geographic similarities and differences of important IT managerial and technical trends. The economic conundrum is especially harsh in Europe, and like in the US it is having a profound impact on decisions pertaining to IT.

Going beyond identifying these economic implications is the need to understand the considerations for leveraging the impact of transformational new technologies. This paper presents the important information management and technology trends (e.g., management concerns, emerging technologies, budgets/spending, organisational considerations) necessary to prepare IT leaders for the challenges that await them.

*Jerry Luftman Ph.D. – SIM VP Chapter Relations & Academic Affairs & NJ Chapter President Emeritus – Professor & Executive Director (Global Institute for IT Management).

**Prof. Dr. Barry Derksen MMC CISA CGEIT – Head of Architecture, BI & Processes department (Stedin) – Professor at NOVI University of Applied Sciences – Research Director (Business & IT Trends Institute).

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