Presenting Cécile Gonfroid, finalist of the European CIO of the Year 2014 awards

Cécile Gonfroid, CIO & CTO of RTBF

Cécile Gonfroid (Belgium) is CIO & CTO for the RTBF (French-speaking Belgian Radio and Television Broadcast), where she began her career in 1984. She joined the sports service upon her entry as a director of live soccer and Formula 1. In 1992, she launched in the production of the sports programs in which she infused a new wind of modernity. In 2000 she joined the management of the company to assist the Chief Television Officer. This role will enable her to learn all the subtleties of the management of TV channels.

In 2003, she became the head of the TV production that brings together human and technical resources for the production of TV programs. This is where she developed her passion for technology while watching its evolution through her end-user’s eyes.

It was in 2009 that RTBF entrusted her the head of DGTE, this new entity of the merger of IT and broadcast resources. Her passionate nature allows her to the challenge of converging technologies, to harmonize their management and driving change at the level of human resources. Cécile was awarded Belgian CIO of the Year 2013 by Datanews Magazine.

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