Business collaboration advise from the world's top social CIO

Oliver Bussman, CIO of UBS and winner of CIONET’s European CIO of the Year award in 2012, recently had an interview with Huffington Post. In this interview, Oliver highlights the 5 ways for CIO’s to get closer to the business:

  1. Develop strong partnership with the business;
  2. Develop a strong understanding of the business strategy;
  3. Build a strong Information Technology Communication framework;
  4. Measure your success;
  5. Embrace social collaboration

(Oliver is a fine example of how to embrace social collaboration… you can follow him on Twitter @obussman for more interesting inisghts)
Watch the full interview on Youtube below (or click here for an extract by the Huffington Post)
And don’t miss the European CIO of the Year 2014 award ceremony at CIO CITY’14 !

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