Be the first one to read the CIONET-INSEAD Digital Leadership Report 2014

The 2014 Digital Leadership Report

On the occasion of our yearly international event CIONET, in partnership with INSEAD Business School, is releasing its annual report on Digital Leadership.
You can be the first one to read this year’s survey results, and the profiles of the 18 digital leaders that participated in this year’s ‘European CIO of the Year’ contest !
What stroke us when writing the report was the extend with which CIO’s are now embedded in all aspects of the organisational and strategic evolution of their businesses. We see this as a genuine sign that through their vision and accomplishments, today’s digital leaders are considered to be business leaders first and foremost. But more than this, we also see this as an indication of a fundamental shift in the way organisations perceive the role of technology in general, and digitisation more specifically, in their overall strategy.
Now more than ever, so it seems, the digital strategy is at the core of the business strategy. Click here to access the report.
We wish you new and meaningful insights when reading this report!
Frederic De Meyer, CIONET
Nils Fonstad, INSEAD

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