Key strategies for embracing mobility

Mobile AppGet the answers to your pressing mobile application strategy questions!
As an IT professional, you might ask yourself: is delivering mobile applications really worth the effort? Will mobile applications really add value to my business? The answer, decidedly, is yes. Mobility brings improvements to the enterprise in terms of efficiency and lower operational costs. This means that by investing in a mobile strategy, employees are given the tools needed to make better and faster decisions.
In a recent Forrester survey, 75 percent of decision makers indicated that deploying mobile apps had increased worker productivity, while 65 percent acknowledged that mobile apps increased employee responsiveness and decision-making speed. Mobile is not a shot in the dark; it’s something that has already proven its benefits.
If you are considering taking your organization mobile, this e-book provided by OutSystems answers key questions in developing your mobile application strategy, including:

  • Why do I need to go mobile?
  • What are my options to go mobile?
  • Which way should I go?
  • Which app should I build first?
  • How do I get started fast?

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