Key challenges and qualities of digital leaders, interview with CIONET founder

The founder of CIONET, Hendrik Deckers, recently held an interview with world-renowned ICT visionary Stephen Ibaraki for IT World Canada (part of IDG).CIOCITYday1
In this interview, Hendrik develops his views on topics such as the key challenges for IT departments in the near future, how IT leaders need to adapt in order to face them,  as well as other developments shaping the IT environment today.
Some of the most inspirational quotes from the interview:

  • IT and especially IT Governance are too important for the IT department only (to handle)
  • Each year we will see new market developments, and CIO’s need to adapt their strategies constantly to them
  • The number one challenge for every CIO is digital business transformation

Hendrik also shed his light on the developments of CIONET, the single biggest community for CIO’s: “Further out our goal is really to establish in every major European and South American country. (To be established as the most valuable community for IT executives where the CIOs and digital leaders turn for support are known as professionals in their challenging jobs)”
…to end with a personal learning from his decades of experienced entrepreneur: “Always continue to innovate and recreate yourself!
You can read the full interview on the Technet blog or listen to the podcast of the interview.

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