Latest CIONET Magazine now available on CIONET+ app

intl 3Including multiple video’s and other benefits, the magazine on the CIONET+ app is guaranteed to bring you an insightful reading experience… Download it now!

The latest CIONET magazine covers the vital issue for each business nowadays. How to transform your business into a digital leader, and how can CIO’s contribute to this transformation?

With examples from our European CIO of the Year winners (Federico Florez, Jeroen Tas, and Nuno Miller), as well as multiple other examples and opinions from leading experts, this magazine is guaranteed to bring you fresh insights and ideas about the topic.

As Hendrik Deckers, founder of CIONET, explains in his foreword: “For decades CIOs have been striving for fully stable systems, but now we have entered the era of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. In this VUCA world the focus is not on technology but on understanding how to use technology for value creation and digital transformation”.

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