CIONET signs the 'Partnering for Cyber Resilience' principles

cyber resilienceOn November 5th CIONET signed the Principles and Guidelines of Cyber Resilience in Rotterdam. The principles are an initiative of the World Economic Forum and were signed by over hundred companies and institutions worldwide already.

Signing these principles is a first step in creating awareness for a safe and resilient online world. Parties that sign these principles become part of the ‘Partnering for Cyber Resilience’ (PCR) network.

In his speech Hendrik Deckers, founder of CIONET, stressed the important role the 4500 members of CIONET are playing in realising this: “Our members are accountable for a safe digital world. They realise this by sharing knowledge and best practices through CIONET, but we now go a step further. By signing the PCR we are creating awareness, disseminate valuable information and provide access to the WEF’s network of members. By connecting our two communities, CIONET and WEF will jointly create a safer digital world.”

Click here to read more about the WEF’s Partnering for Cyber Resilience.

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